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      wireless city connection,build city ecosystem


      wireless city connection
      build city ecosystem

      Establish wireless city with flexible connection, more faster, more safer, integrated information launching platform.


      4 difficulties of wireless city
      • wireless city construction is still searching, very less mature and effective model as reference

      • big coverage for wireless city construction, big users, high requirement for device performance on solution design

      • wireless city wifi open for publicity, lack of effective security feature, easily result to internet security risk

      • big wireless city system, many platforms, difficulty in management and maintenance

      offer multiple value-added functions,flexible design operation solution
      offer multiple value-added functions,flexible design operation solution


      Except public connection, wireless sity can bear multiple business, can get more renting profits and offer bandwidth renting;


      built-in marketing center, supports customzed ads based on portal page, outrent the ads page and offer ads and media service to get more profits;


      communicate with third-party billing system, support billing based on duration, traffic, offer charged wifi service;


      Connect user behavious, preferences, hot-searching word etc via wireless collection, offer accurate wireless marketing and analysis interface;

      wireless optimization technology enhance wifi experience

      wireless optimization technology enhance wifi experience


      based on different scenarios to choose high-performance ap, all ap in coverage ara support fast seamless roaming and fast internet surfing;

      support load balancing, support hotspot2.0, sreet and open area etc some places gathering people and automatically divide the internet access based on different ap, avoid internet jam;

      based on users/application/ap group/time schedule to do bandwidth management, avoid bandwidth distribution non-average then result to delay internet performance;

      Support business type (for example: video, voice,data) give priority adjustment, assure core business application in priority;

      Most safe public wifi solution in industry
      Most safe public wifi solution in industry


      built-in firewall, wids/wips system, effectively anti-flooding, ddos attack, arp, make sure wireless security;


      built-in IAM functions, effectively filtering website contents, internet apps, deny risky content, make sure regular internet activities;


      support IAM auditing, satisfy country requirement, track internet behaviours;


      Security inspection on public wifi, supports to communicate third-party server.

      simple management simple operation

      simple management simple operation

      AC-AP distribution network, more flexible, unified management, deliver unified configuration, avoid workflow management;


      authentication management, auditing, vpn high integration functions, after login into platform then easy management and operation;


      supports management for different rights, based on different cities, different scenarios, different account no;


      Wed visualized interface, easily to see every area, every ap status, access status and in-time position checking。

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