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      Stadium WIFI experience

      Stadium WIFI experience

      More faster, manageable, marketing public stadium wifi, based on auditing requirement to do security checking

      4 challenges of public stadium wireless construction

      4 challenges of public stadium wireless construction
      • Public venues, complex building environment, high concentration of wireless terminals, high access to radio bearers

      • Network roaming, signal interference, slow network speeds, dropped calls, etc. have a serious impact on users' online experience.

      • Traditional wireless network advertising display effect is lack of precise and effective marketing functions and passenger flow analysis platform

      • Ordinary wireless networks lack a limited security protection mechanism and are easily cracked by hackers to cause leakage of user information

      Super performance,Easily handle high-density scenario
      Super performance
      Easily handle high-density scenario

      New generation AP, dual band mode, support 5G priority frequency;


      single device support up-to 256 devices connection, easily handle high-density scenario;


      Built-in broadcast optimization functions, effectively clearify internet environment, enhance internet connection users.

      wireless optimization,build best internet experience

      wireless optimization
      build best internet experience

      Supports seamless roaming of two or three layers, between different AP signal coverage, and the access terminal switching speed is not higher than 20ms;


      Smart RF optimization technology, combined with wireless conditions, automatically adjust the wireless AP transmit frequency, effectively reducing wireless interference;


      Built-in load balancing function can automatically assign access terminals according to the current wireless AP load conditions.

      Enterprise protection
      WIFI more secure

      Built-in anti-phishing AP function, automatically detect and shield personal hotspots, illegal SSID, so that network hackers can not start;


      More DDoS attack defense, ARP deception defense, WIDS/WIPS system, the network is more secure and controllable, as well as online behavior management


      behavior audit and other functions to meet the Ministry of Public Security No. 82 order and public Wi-Fi security testing requirements.


      Know further about stadium security strategy


      無線優化  打造極致的上網體驗

      Smart wifi marketing platform


      Sundray wireless has built-in personalized, accurate marketing platform, combined with SMS, WeChat, QR code and other authentication methods,

      can achieve SMS, WeChat, graphic, web, custom page push, easily meet the gym, library, Wireless marketing needs of theaters, exhibition halls, convention centers.

      Know more about wireless authentication strategy

      WIFI application loading is more important
      Wireless not only coverage
      WIFI application loading is more important

      Sundray Technology's public venues application are not only simple wireless wireless coverage, but also can carry wireless Wi-Fi based smart stadium applications


      Such as: e-ticket, wireless explanation, wireless navigation, wireless positioning, wireless payment and many other types of wireless application business.



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