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      全覆蓋+可運營 建設智慧酒店無線覆蓋新模式

      Full Coverage+Easy Management
      New mode of intelligent hotel wireless coverage

      Varies AP types suitable for all scenario, fully cover every corner


      4 major problems when facing the Hospitality wireless network construction
      • 難走線.png

        Large number of hotel rooms, and most have been renovated, inconvenient wiring and diffcult construction 

      • 體驗差.png

        There is a blind spot signal coverage, and AP access is limited, there is slow Internet access, often dropped phenomenon

      • 不安全.png

        Risks from the traditional way of sharing keys on the Internet storage security, vulnerable to hackers, leading to user information disclosure

      • 功能少.png

        Traditional Wi-Fi only simply meets the Internet demand.Poor marketing capabilities,  impossible for hotel to create business value

      Multiple professional plans, suit for rooms/kitchens and other scenario.

      Panelling deployment,irect replacement of the original network interface panel, without re-wiring, both wired and wireless capabilities

      Power split deployment, the use of power programs to reduce wiring, the antenna extends to each room, full signals for each room;

      Ceiling-type deployment, with high-gain landscaping antenna, the perfect integration with the hotel environment,  intergrate with the overall design of the hotel decoration.



      Extreme internet experience
      No more complain from hotel guests

      Built-in smart antenna, automatically adjust channel, power, to ensure rooms, restaurants, conference rooms full signal anytime & anywhere;


      Large capacity each AP, all terminals automatically access to the best signal AP, 5G terminal priority access to 5G band;


      Flexibly setting for duration of access, avoid the traffic, video, download and other applications slowing the overall network speed;


      Support for application-based bandwidth resource management, giving priority to applications such as video conferencing, Internet telephony, mail systems for business man.

      Know more about wireless optimization policy

      More reliable wireless security mechanism
      No more user information leaking

      Support Portal,SMS,Wechat,Facebook,also PMS connection,various authentication.

      Separtes employees, clients authenticatison, different permissions to differ office and guest internet;

      Unique anti-phishing AP function, automatic detection, shielding forged SSID, fishing signals, to prevent passengers access to unsafe network;

      Built-in Internet behavior management and audit, avoid access, publish illegal content based on the application, url access rules.

      Know more about wireless security policy


      Not just coverage

      Custom authentication interface, pictures, web pages, Flash;

      Docking WeChat platform, PMS, regularly push VIP,  discount information;

      Built-in marketing center to support personalized advertising content based on time, location, terminal, and identity;

      Hotel online booking, PDA ordering system, help mobile hotel online business development.

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