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      Network Switch
      PoE Switch



      Sundray POE Switches

      Essential part for wireless network/wireless monitoring system
      自適應受電設備 供電更智能
      Adaptive Powered Devices
      Smart Power Supply

      Sundray POE Switch supports IEEE 802.3af、802.3at standard,supports 802.3af/at automatically,and supprots Intelligent detection, to meet the power equipment standards, no need to worry about power supply does not match the standard which will occur damage on power equipments.

      Note:Sundray SI3200-08T-PWR-UN/SI3200-24H-PWR/SW5010 all supports smart POE power supplying.

      ?超強防雷  安全防護更可靠

      Excellent Lighting arresting
      More secure More reliable

      For indoor networking applications,Wireless AP or Camera usually install at higher positions,increasing the risk of lighting attack and network failure。Sundray Switch use professional lighting arresting port,offering stable and reliable service on Wireless AP and Camera in Thunderstorms, to make sure best network using.

      超長供電距離  輕松解決遠距離取電問題
      Long distance power supplying
      Easily solve long-distance power supplying problems

      Sundray POE Switch supports 100 meters stable power supplying (Actual distance supports depends on actual cable materials), and support poe switch multi-level connection,flexible power supplying distance,avoid the confusion of long distance power supplying problem。

      全金屬外殼  安全防護更可靠

      Full Metal Shell
      Super cooling performance

      Sundray POE Switch using full metal shell,integrated Vents on both side of POE Switch,integrated cooling fans,super cooling feature can make sure stable perfomance of devices.

      Note:Sundray SI3200-08T-PWR-UN/SI3200-24H-PWR/SW5010 all integrated cooling fans.

      可視化平臺  讓交換機管理更簡單
      Visual Management Platform
      Make Switch Management more easier

      Sundray Switch integrated visual management platform, supports configuration on background system.

      Note:Sundray SI3200-08T-PWR-UN/SI3200-24H-PWR/SW5010 all integrated visual management platform

      多型號產品  滿足不同場景需求

      Multi-Model Products
      Satisfy different scenario requirements

      Currently Sundray already had 100M, 1000M series Switch, including 8-ports,10-ports and 24-ports different model Switches, build the network based on different scenario requirements.