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      Wireless AC

      Sundray Wireless Controller

      The most functional equipment
      Wireless AC All in One function,Centralized Network Management

      Sundray wireless AC controller with high compatibility and integration. Set wireless AP management, user authentication, marketing push, passenger flow analysis, Internet behavior management, Internet behavior audit, traffic control, VPN, enterprise-class firewall, network management system in one.

      內置12種認證方式, 無需額外搭建認證服務器

      Bulid-in 12 Authentications, No More 3rd Party Portal Server Needed 
      One more way, One more option

      Portal、SMS、QR code,Temporary guest、MAC、Wechat、APP、CA certification、
      RADIUS、LDAP、802.1X & 3rd party.

      Know more about wireless authentication method


      Safest Wireless Controller 
      Safer connection

      Accurate identification of the access terminal, the case of wireless AP, VLAN users intelligent isolation, exclusive anti-phishing AP function;

      Safer internet experience

      Build-in APP & URL database, more than 2400 APP & 30 million URL address, update every 2 weeks, combines with IAM & Audit function to ensure the safety of all the  internet behavior;

      Safer office 

      Enterprise level firewall. Isolation of office and guest. 1 button to close the portable wifi,AD-Hoc;

      Safer data

      Wireless communication tunnel encryption, wireless data encryption, to protect user data security.

      Know more about wireless safety policy


      The smartest wireless marketing function

      Exclusive wireless marketing platform, support: SMS, graphics, web pages, custom page push, advertising forms at your own free will;

      According to different terminals, time, location, access to push different ad content,more humanized intersting ad could be made for users;

      Client flow analysis,heat map analysis,labelling for end users, more acurrate and intuitive,simplify your business and marketig plan.

      Faster wireless experience
      Application identification,Intelligent distinction between Internet behavior
      Core business first

      Flexible identification office, entertainment, video, download and other online behavior, priority to ensure that the office business bandwidth based on the application of air interface resource management;

      Exclusive internet access management
      Custmize your own internet access

      IAM base on application,and bandwidth usage



      Smooth L2/L3 roaming, internet access anytime and anywhere.

      Sundray wireless AC controller supports seamless roaming, between different AP signal coverage, access terminal switching speed is not higher than 20ms; within the same network, one certification could runs in different sites.

      Visiable management platform, make all the management eaiser

      Sundray wireless AC controller exclusive visual management background, all wireless devices operating situation graphically, graphically presented, bid farewell to the traditional wireless background complex command line debugging.

      Know more about wireless marketing policy



      Wireless & wired centralized management, support different level authorization

      Real multi-network management in one platform, wired and wireless integrated management capabilities, network management easier;

      More hierarchical sub-rights management functions, simple and humane, for you to reduce 70% of network management workload.

      Wireless AC Inspection Certificate

      Sundray wireless AC equipment has passed the Ministry of Public Security public Wi-Fi security monitoring

      • CE證書

        CE Certification

      • Wireless AC Sales License

        Wireless AC Sales License

      • AC Audit Certification

        Wireless AC Audit Certification

      • Wireless AC Network Certification

        Wireless AC Network Certification

      • Wireless AC Test Report

        Wireless AC Test Report

      After sales service commitment

      After sales service commitment
      • respond within 30 minutes

        For user feedback technical problems, Sundray engineers will respond within 30 minutes and make processing;

      • System software upgrade

        System software upgrade, get more new features than the original version, better optimization results, while the user experience will be enhanced;

      • provide good first service

        Hardware failure during the warranty period, to provide good first service, to help users resume business in the shortest possible time;

      • service

        For the needs of users, Sundray provide exclusive backup service, to ensure that the network are up and running.