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      ?One-stop solution for SMB network

      Sundray X-LINK AP uses leading-edge chip solution, which has powerful processing capacity, working with Sundray smart RF optimization technologies to improve AP performance


      Adjust output power automatically, make wifi signal seamless coverage

      Sundray AP support antenna output power authomatic adjustment, which can adjust the output power according to different deployment density, to avoid the interference between neighbouring APs, guarantee seamless coverage


      Automatically choose the best channel, to avoid same frequency interference

      Sundray AP can choose the most suitable channle based on surrounding channels, to avoid same frequency interference and improve wifi stability


      Multiple smart RF optimization
      Guarantee best experience
      Smart broadcasting optimization

      Automatic broadcasting acceleration, ARP message transfer to unibroadcast, lessen rubbish message, improve transmission efficiency.

      Avoid Ternimal sticking

      Sundray AP can sense the terminals signal strenth during roaming, and guide the terminals connect to the most suitable AP with best using experience.

      Avoid slow terminals

      According to time fairness algorithm, which can avoid the extremely slow terminals infuence the whole Wi-Fi network performance.

      單設備支持32個SSID 并可設置中文SSID

      Singal AP supports 32 SSID

      Sundray AP can set up different SSID for different admin,Maximum 32 SSID for 1 AP(Including Chinese SSID),support different SSID binding with Tag VLAN,isolate users in same VLAN.

      支持PPPoE撥號上網  避免同頻干擾

      Support PPPoE dial-up Internet

      Branch deployment eliminates the need for additional routing devices

      ?Sundray Wireless AP supports DHCP and DNS proxy. It can achieve PPPoE dial-up access without increasing the number of deployed routing devices, reducing the difficulty of deployment of chain stores and construction costs.


      Support FAT / FIT modes

      Sundray Wireless AP supports fat and thin working modes, and can be flexibly switched according to the networking requirements to meet the requirements of large-scale unified networking and small-scale independent networking applications.


      Support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint relay bridge
      Easy signal expansion

      Sundray wireless AP has the function of relay bridging, which makes it possible to implement point-to-point and point-to-multipoint relay bridging through relay antennas in scenarios where wiring is inconvenient, which effectively extends signal coverage.


      Built-in positioning probe
      Support for precise positioning based on RSSI

      Sundray wireless AP has a built-in positioning probe that can automatically obtain the terminal location information and associate it with the end user. The terminal can accurately locate and navigate Through data mining analysis.


      Support POE power supply and local power supply

      Sundray wireless AP supports POE network cable power supply or local power supply, which can be deployed according to the actual situation. For scenarios that cannot provide power, it can be powered by the Ethernet standard 802.3af/at protocol, reducing deployment and installation costs.

      Wireless AP detection authentication

      Sundray wireless AP equipment has passed SRRC certification (National Radio Management Committee certification), Wi-Fi Alliance enterprise-level certification, Ministry of Public Security information security sales license, Ministry of Public Security computer information system security product quality inspection report and other product certificates.

      • WAPI成員證書

        WAPI Member Certification

      • Wi-Fi聯盟證書

        Wi-Fi Alliance Certification

      • 無線電證書

        Radio Certification

      • 無線設備銷售許可證

        Wireless Sales License


      Wireless AP service
      • 30分鐘.png

        Reaction within 30 minutes;

      • AP包換.png

        Free replacement during the guarantee period;

      • 好件.png

        New products go first while the used equipments were maintained。

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