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      7 major industries, Vsecure switches are spread across major network scenarios!


      As the most widely used device in the network, the switch fully utilizes its security features and further reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance become a big problem for many people. Since switch launch, Sundray Vsecure switches have met the specific needs of users in different industries with their core features of security and visualization, the swich have spread throughout the campus network.

      Government industry

      Main demand points for government industry network construction:

      1. Local area network security, establish a strong security protection system for the network;

      2. Strict terminal security management and control strategy, improve the security experience ;

      3. The hyper-converged private switch can approve the needs of large campus network services.


      Sundray Vsecure network switch government industry application case - Gansu Province Environmental Monitoring Station

      Sundray's full-line switch products help the Gansu Environmental Monitoring Center to complete the transformation of the wired network, completely separating the storage private network, service network and management network. At the same time, in order to ensure the stability of the service, the hyper-converged service switch adopts the M-LAG to ensure the load and redundancy of multiple server devices.


      Education industry

      Major demand points for network construction in education industry:

      1. Distributed authentication point deployment to achieve online authentication of massive users;

      2. Visualized operation and maintenance interface to visually display network quality;

      3. Solve the security risks of large-scale terminal assets of metropolitan area networks.


      Sundray Vsecure switch education industry application case - College of Life Sciences, Hebei Agricultural University

      The Sundray Vsecure switch solution helped the College of Life Sciences of Hebei Agricultural University to realize the reconstruction of the security network with 300 monitoring points and 155 access points, and established a safe and stable campus security network for the College of Life Sciences.


      Scenic industry

      Main demand points for scenic area user network construction:
      1. Easily respond to sudden bursts of traffic in the scenic area WLAN and monitoring services;
      2. Based on terminal type identification, to prevent counterfeiting and replacement of terminals from intruding into the network.


      Sundray Vsecure switch scenic area industry application case - Lijiang Ancient City:
          Sundray Technology deployed the Sundray S7510 core switch in the core computer room of Lijiang Old Town. It meets the high-speed forwarding communication of Lijiang Old Town with higher bandwidth, higher reliability, higher performance and throughput.


      Business industry

      Main demand points for enterprise user network construction:

      1. Regularly scan and sense the security of the terminal, and comprehensively guarantee the security of the internal network.

      2. Visual operation and maintenance interface to visually display the quality of enterprise network.

      3. Unified authentication to approve the needs of seamless switching.


      Sundray Vsecure switch enterprise user application case - FAW Car:

      For the office building and production workshop of FAW Car Co., Ltd., Sundray Vsecure switch guarantees the access requirements of specific equipment in a specific area. At the same time, by deploying the Sundray 10G aggregation switch and the frame core switch in the independent area, Sundray guarantees the stability of the operation of the wired network in each area, improves the overall network carrying capacity, and promotes the digital upgrade.


      Hotel industry

      Main demand points for hotel user network construction:

      1. Zero configuration can quickly launched, reducing the difficulty of deployment;

      2. Headquarters has unified control over branch equipment;

      3. Respond to monitoring large bursts of traffic easily.

      Sundray Vsecure switch hotel user application case – Hilton hotel:

      Through the deployment of the Sundray Vsecure switch, the Hilton Dalian Hotel has achieved one-click configuration, plug-and-play and fast  online service. The visual operation and maintenance interface also helps the hotel to habetter control the network.


      Public venue

       Main demand points for public network user network construction:

      1.Stable and reliable network architecture to ensure business stability without interruption;

      2. Terminal security comprehensive monitoring to ensure network security in public areas.


      Sundray Vsecure exchange airport pavilion user application case - Jinjiang Sports Center:
        Through the centralized management of the wireless and wired networks of the sports center through the Sundray controller platform, the network system of Jinjiang Sports Center operates in an orderly manner and has a clear division of labor. Sundray core switches provide an optimized and reliable transmission structure through high-speed forwarding     communication systerm, and build a  safe wired and wireless integrated network system for Jinjiang Sports Center.


      Medical industry

      Main demand points for medical industry network construction:

      1. Terminal access monitoring helps asset statistics;

      2. Stable and reliable network architecture to improve network resource utilization;

      3. Security defense system, all aspects of hospital network security.

      Sundray Vsecure switch medical industry application case - Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital:
          Sundray Vsecure switches have built a safety wired network defense system for the hospital network, which guarantees the security of the hospital network. At the same time, also solves many problems such as too much access to hospital information points, too large business carrying capacity, and difficulty in visual operation and maintenance.

      Based on the two characteristics of security and visibility, as well as the effective control of the internal terminal equipment, the Sundray technology Vsecure switch has gained a lot of recognition since its inception. In the future, we will further accelerate the pace of network and security convergence, and create a safer and more visible high-quality campus network for users based on current network needs and future network security trends.