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      Certificate System

      Certificate Overview


      Sundray Technology work together closely with channel partners and establishes a complete certification system for technical training for channel partners to assist channel technical engineers to learin comprehensive, professional and authorized technical training and guidance in the field of wireless networks. The theory reaches all aspects of actual scenario , Training content has independent intellectual property rights.


      The training content is based on Sundray wireless product and solution, provides training and certification examinations for wireless network technicians on channel technicians so that it can independently deploy and debug wireless projects. It is committed to improve the wireless maintenance of channel technicians and Service capacity, improve customer satisfaction.


      Sundray technology certified engineers have issued a certificate, Sundray technology is officially recognized technical service certificate.

      Upgrade Certificates

      Once get certificate

      We will get the knowledge as below:

      Well-knowing all Sundray enterprise WLAN product and solution
      Well-knowing how to do trouble shooting and approved by Sundray
      The ability of Offering Enterprise wireless coverage solution and service
      Offering professional suggestion based on techniques of network optimization and business optimization

      Certificate Grade Introduction

      SCWE-SUNDRAY Certified Wireless Expert

      SCWP-SUNDRAY Certified Wireless Professional

      SCWA-SUNDRAY Certified Wireless Associate

      How to get Sundray Wireless Certificate

      • ?

        Contact local office

      • Join in Course Training

      • Sign up by Month

      • Certificate examination

      • Issue Certificate