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      Cloud WiFi networking, 2800+ the wisdom of the whole Family Mart!


      Since Family Mart establishment in 1972, the Family Mart brand has served in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Los Angeles and other places for more than 16,000 stores.


      In 2004, the Family Mart brand officially entered the Shanghai market in China and began the business in mainland China. At present, the total number of convenient stores in China has exceeded 2,000+, and has entered a period of rapid development. In 2017, the whole Family Mart officially launched the construction of smart stores. Including order system, wireless scan code gun access, data synchronization, unified management. Wireless Wi-Fi is the basic network and is essential in this system.

      With the stability and security features of enterprise Wi-Fi, Sundray technology stands out. At present, the whole Family Mart has achieved wireless network coverage of 2,800+ stores in Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiaxing and Wuxi.


      1. Cloud controller solution Simplify network management

      For the 2800+ Family Mart wireless network, Sundray Technology adopts the cloud controller solution for unified management and control. After the wireless AP is activated, it is not required to be configured separately. All policies are uniformly configured and delivered by the cloud controller AC. AP group management is performed according to the area and location, and sub-account management rights are set according to different groups. The cloud controller background can clearly see the store wireless. AP working status, number of accesses, forwarding traffic, etc.


       This means that the network management of the complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive offline network planning, deployment, tuning, operation and maintenance in the past enterprise network will be greatly simplified, for large chain enterprises and some small chain enterprises are a brand-new network operation and maintenance experience.


      2. Carrying the "food safety system" data transmission

      The whole store clerk collects and collects the information through food safety equipment (like collecting code guns), and collects the data in a unified manner. The zero packet loss and security of the wireless network can ensure the smooth operation of this service and the security of data.


      3. Value-added marketing Passenger flow analysis

      The whole family values the wireless marketing function of Sundray. Through the image of Sundray backstage passengers, the whole Family Mart conducts passenger flow analysis every day to check the in-store rate, return-to-store rate, average residence time, etc., in order to understand the latest operating status.


      This time, we covered Sundray Wireless in the whole Family Mart, which laid a solid network foundation for the follow-up construction of “smart storage cabinet unified management” and “automatic vending machine online” system, and integrated analysis and processing of various information through wireless network to realize new Delivery and delivery methods. Next year, the whole Family Mart Wi-Fi will open to the public.


      Based on the actual needs of chain stores, Sundray Technology's smart store solution has been successfully applied to Chain Real Estate, Hongqi Chain, Swarovski, 1919 Liquor, Sanfu Department Store, Audi 4S Shop, Wuxing Electric Appliance, Bama Tea Industry and Xinhua Bookstore have provided informationized wireless networks and data support for the transformation of chain stores to smart stores, which brings a broader development space for intelligent offline retail scenes.